Utility Company

Even if you live in a part of the country where the weather is fantastic for most or all of the year utility payments are a fact of life. After all, we all need to be able to turn our lights on, wash our hands and take hot showers.

Utility companies provide these essential services and it is their customer service agents we turn to when something goes wrong. Unfortunately their websites are often poor quality and their navigation systems can be extremely confusing. This makes the already arduous task of contacting customer service even more frustrating.

Luckily you don’t have to scramble through these awful websites to pay your bills anymore. You can find contact information for pretty much any utility company you can name right here on this website. Just find your company on the list below and click the link to get the information you need.

Customer Service Phone NumberAdditional Phone Number
Alabama Power Customer ServiceCustomer Service (residential): 1-800-245-22-44Customer Service (business): 1-888-430-57-87
AEP Customer Service1-614-716-10-00AEP safety hotline: 1-800-277-21-77
Allegheny Power Customer ServiceMon Power Customer Service: 1-800-686-00-22Potomac Edison Customer Service: 1-800-686-00-11
Ambit Energy Customer Service1-877-282-62-481-877-302-62-48
APS Customer Service1-800-253-94-05Emergency Customer Service: 1-800-253-908
Atmos Energy Customer Service1-888-286-67-00Commercial Customer Service: 1-877-460-70-67
BP Customer Service1-800-333-39-91
British Gas Corporation Customer ServiceBilling and Payments: 0800-048-02-02Pay as You Go Energy: 0800-048-03-03
CenterPoint Customer Service1-800-992-75-52
Columbia Utilities Customer Service1-718-851-66-551-877-726-58-62
ComEd Customer Service1-800-334-76-611-877-426-63-31
Con Edison Customer Service1-800-752-66-33National Grid Emergency: 1-718-643-40-50
Country Energy Customer Service13-23-56International: 61-2-6580-1200
Western Massachusetts Electric Customer Service877-659-63-26888-783-66-10
Xcel Energy Customer Service1-800-895-49-99Spanish customer Support: 1-800-687-87-78