In ideal world we all be Loan Free. In real world that you and I live in we need loans for things like: cars, education, home renovation or any other project you want to get involved in, but don’t have enough cash saved.

Even though loans are part of life, not all loans are created equal. You can save thousands and thousands by selecting the right one. There are many questions that even professional finance people have. We do our best to try to answer them here.

We deal with things like should you get a loan from the bank or a dealer direct? Can you loan against your 401k? Can Non-Profit get a loan? Adjustable or Fixed APR? What about credit unions are they any better than banks? How to pay off your loan faster? Can you win 0% balance transfer game?

We are determined make any type of loans work for us and not against us. We want to use them as a tool and not a debt trap. We want loans to make us more money or to get us what we want now, in a smart way. We want to be bad customers for a bank, because we barely pay any interest. We invited you for the ride.