How to pay your MetroPCS bill

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MetroPCS is a US based mobile service provider. Customers of the company have access to the latest mobile technologies including nationwide 4G LTE. They can also pay their bills through multiple ways – online, by mail, through phone etc. 

How to make MetroPCS bill payments online

To pay your MetroPCS bill online, you will first have to register an account at the company website. Follow these steps –
  • Once the registration page is loaded, you can begin entering the required information. You will first have to enter your name. MetroPCS phone number, you email, desired password and finally choose a secret question. Then accept the terms and conditions of the service.
    metropcs com Account Registration
  • Next, click the “Send Verification Code” link. A 6 digit code will be sent to your phone number. Enter it in the text field provided and click the “Submit” button.
    Verification Code
  • Once your account is successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox  
  • To make payment, visit this link.
  • On the left section of the webpage, enter your phone number, click the “Yes” option and then enter your password. Click the “Next” button to proceed to login to your account.
    www metropcs com login
  • You can then navigate to the payments section and instantly pay off your bills.

What are the benefits of an online account?

In addition to allowing you to make bill payments, online accounts also offer you the following benefits:
  • You can view and change your phone plan any time you want
  • You can add multiple members to your account and then view your data usage for the plan they have selected. This is useful for families
  • View your order history

Can I pay the bills through mail?

Yes. The company offers you mail payment facility. To do so, follow these steps –
  • Take your bill statement and write a check for the bill amount shown on the statement
  • Write down your customer account number on the check
  • Mail the check to – MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. PO Box 5119 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119
The payment will be applied to your account in about 2 hours once it is received by the company

How do I pay the bills through phone?

Paying through phone is a good alternative to online payments if you are in a hurry to make immediate payments. Just call the number at 1-888-863-8768 and follow the instructions to pay your bill. Keep your payment information ready before you make the call. A service fee of $3.00 will be charged.

Will I be able to pay my bills automatically?

The Auto Pay option allows you to pay your phone bills automatically. You can set up this option through your online account. This is ideal for customers who do not want to involve themselves in the bill payment process every month.

Metro PCS

Contact and Support Phone Number: 888-863-8768
cash, check, credit card, invoice

Mail Payments:

PO Box 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197

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